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v 3.2
May, 12 2022
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The Big Base Cricket game is similar to the FIFA Street series, featuring crazy power-ups and Shaolin soccer team moves, and the Big Bash Boom APK is no exception.

The game features 3D caricatures of players and the same basic mechanics as the Big Base Cricket game. Players must take out the opposing captain, collect coins to advance through the game, and face off against opponents in an all-out war.

Big Bash Boom APK:

While Big Bash Boom looks and feels like it’s been in development for some time, the game is still very much a work in progress. There are many problems, both technical and cosmetic, that add up to frustration.

There are no tutorials or modes for new players, which is a shame because they’d help players get a better understanding of the game’s basics. Regardless, the game is a fun arcade-style cricket game with clear potential.

In addition to its addictive gameplay, Big Bash is not a true cricket game. The players in the game are ridiculously oversized and are able to do some outlandish celebrations. Players can also customize their bats, hats, helmets, and balls.

You can even use a tennis ball as a cricket ball, which can really up the ante for players. While Big Bash isn’t a true simulation of cricket, it still provides a fun and challenging experience for players of all skill levels.


Replays are essential for cricket fans, but Big Bash Boom lacks them. There are no quick replays in this cricket game. Instead, the action is fast and there’s no way to relive big moments.

Unlike other cricket games, Big Bash Boom lacks replays. This is unfortunate since the game is packed with great moments, and replays are crucial for ensuring you score more runs.

The game’s charm is not ruined by the lack of replays. Unfortunately, the camera angle isn’t adjustable. When single-player batting, the camera is behind the batsman, and the wicketkeeper’s shadow can obscure your view of the pitch.

Another drawback is the lack of replays, which would make this game a bit more appealing to players. It’s also a shame that Big Bash Boom doesn’t have a multiplayer mode, as many players find it frustrating.

Arcade Version:

Big Bash Boom is an arcade version of the game with limited game modes and poor graphics. The game’s rewards are minimal, including funny hats, novelty helmets, and limited shot selection.

You can buy cosmetic items, like new hats and helmets, and celebrate each victory with a special celebratory ball. Big Bash Boom also lacks replay value and offers too little content. Nonetheless, it’s a fun game, with fun gameplay.

Despite its arcade-style gameplay, Big Bash Boom is missing a few features that would make it a must-have. The game has potential but lacks content and features that would make it worthwhile for families.

The visuals are great, but the grind to get the items doesn’t make the game exciting or addictive enough to keep users engaged. Big Bash Boom lacks content and may not be worth the cost of buying.


While Big Bash Boom is the first arcade game from developer Big Ant, it does have some problems, such as the lack of game modes and graphics. Nevertheless, it has a good sense of humour and is a solid game to play.

Its main problem is the lack of a meaningful tutorial that helps players get started and improve their skills. In other words, Big Bash Boom is not a game that you should download just because it looks cool.

Another problem with Big Bash Boom is its gameplay. While you can still play the game without any difficulty, the game lacks a lot of fun features and interesting power-ups.

The game even has a power-up for bowlers, which allows them to shrink their bat to the size of a stump. Moreover, it is important to mention that the game also features a feature that allows players to make six from the stump.


If you’re looking for a cricket game, you’ll love the Big Bash Boom APK. It’s an arcade game with fun humour and a fun concept, but it’s missing some major features.

Graphics, game modes, and motion aren’t the strongest suit of this game, but it does have solid gameplay and a great sense of humour.

Big Bash Boom is a fun arcade game that blends T20 cricket with arcade action. All of the teams and players in the KFC Big Bash League, as well as the Rebel Women’s Big Bash League, are included.

The game’s powerups are particularly awesome, as you can score double runs and bowl the ball with unbelievable speed. The game’s graphics are excellent, but the grind to earn them is unsatisfying. For more apps and games visit our Homesite.

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