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President Airplane Hijack Secret Agent FPS Game APK Download

President Airplane Hijack Secret Agent FPS Game APK Download

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The air force one aircraft got hijacked, the co-pilot make distress call before taken hostage. Hijackers are inside pilot cockpit, the USA president and oval office member’s life at stake. The speaker of the white house gave secret service agency rescue mission of the decade. Play President Airplane Hijack Secret Agent Fps Game step into shoes of agent Max gear up to take most challenging rescue op in airplane flight.

F-16 are inbound flying around Air force one aircraft, wear wing suite and jump from 20,000ft height fly wing suite towards president aircraft in secret agent game. Get inside air force one airplane from cargo compartment secret door open by the aircraft pilot. Gather intel from airplane staff crew members take hostage into cargo section. Use silencer pistol shooting, move shadow to shadow as spy agent. Rescue mission is all about escaping hostage and taking down the extreme terrorist groups secret agent game. Help oval office staff to escape the terrorist leader and shoot down all extremist on air force one aircraft. Search for the USA president locked inside office near airplane pilot cockpit. Fight hand to hand combat with enemies and use melee attack to knock down hijackers.

Play as agent maximus famous to complete the impossible missions. Take on rescue mission as best spy agent, fly wing suite and chase flying aircraft in the sky. Takedown mafia syndicate before it’s too late. Mayday! The pilot got shot in shoulder and he is unable to fly aircraft. Prepare for crash landing the air force one engine got failed and you have to go for extreme crash landing on runway in city airport. The airport ground staff is prepared for worst scenario, the paramedic staff and fire brigade truck on high alert to save the USA president. Secret agents are the dark knight of the chess. Stay in shadow keep your cover and save lives as secret service spy agent. Use your virtual flight training school experience and save vip passengers life as spy agent on rescue mission. Get spy agent game for free use hand combat and modern weapon shooting in new free action game.

President Airplane Hijack Secret Agent FPS Game Features:

10 challenging combat missions to save your team-mates
Amazing 3D air force one Plane Environment
Thrilling & challenging fighting missions
Hijack the presidential plane & rescue the flight
Fight hard time with airplane hijackers in battle
Smooth controls for best fps shooting experience

Download this president airplane hijack secret agent FPS game and give us your feedback, so we can make more new airplane simulator games and secret agents game to entertain you.


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